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        Poland Capchem officially puts 40,000-ton electrolytes into production

        Column:Company News Time:2023-08-17 Browsing volume: 230

        Capchem’s production workshop in Poland

        Spring is in the air. In April 2023, Capchem’s new plant in Poland was officially put into production with the strong support from the Polish government, partners, and communities, after obtaining all the permits required for production.

        Against the background of rapid development of global new energy industry, Capchem has entered into several long-term cooperation agreements with its target customers in Europe. In April 2023, Capchem’s new plant in Poland commenced official production comprehensively, indicating that Capchem will be able to quickly and directly deliver products in batch to European customers. In other words, Capchem will contribute to the development of European new energy industry by playing its due and important role.

        A group photo at the production site

        Capchem’s new plant in Poland is a product of 6 years of construction since 2018. Steadily advancing construction of quantities, the project team of Capchem actively engaged in and supported enhancement of local communities, thus gaining a good reputation, support and welcome from the local government and communities. On April 4, 2023, Chairman Qin Jiusan of Capchem, visited Mr. Adam Lewandowski, Mayor of ?rem. Mr. Adam expressed congratulations on Capchem’s achievements, welcoming Capchem to further increase investment in local economic development and community building.

        A group photo of Chairman Qin and Mr. Adam Lewandowski

        Capchem places great value on going global for sustainable development. Capchem has accumulated experience in overseas investment and construction from this project in Poland, and built an international team with excellent conduct and superior skills, thus laying a solid foundation for undertaking other overseas projects.